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About the Owners

When it comes to working out, the reality is we HATED it! LOL

La Par'de Fitness started with 2 Cousins & 1 Vision!

Our motto was simple, "Get Lit But Stay Fit"! This require hard work, determination, and a personalized parde approach that fitted our lifestyle, goals and got us real results. We're here to bring it all together with YOU, not just for you. This way WE all can get a comprehensive and fun fitness experience that finally gives us the results we’ve been WANTin' and WERKin' towards. Stay tuned for more PARDE vibes with your favorite accountability partners in FIT-crime!

Jenny & Jo

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Background in Dance


But, dancing is what fills our soul and makes us feel alive to PARDE. 

Years of Training Experience NONE

We have 0 years of experience in strength-training and body sculpting BUT, this doesn't stop us from getting up every day, trying and working towards our goals with certified instructors and trainers.

Nutrition Expert


We are not professional Nutritionist and Dietician. BUT, we have a team that's qualified to help us eat clean.

What We Love About
La Par'de Fitness

We love that there's no judgement. 

We love that everyone shows up and show out.

We love that you chose us.

We love that you love to PARDE.

We love how unique everyone is that come through that door.

We love the determination, effort and time you put in for yourself.

We love the energy and vibes.

We love the journey.

We love the success stories you share.

We love everyone equally.

We love that we have the BEST members ever.

We love YOU! 

Share Your Journey with Us!

Thanks for sharing!
We can't wait to connect with YOU!
Keep being great:)
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